Landscape Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your property is one of the easiest ways to change the way your home feels and looks, adding touches of refinement and luxury to your outdoor space.

From highlighting pathways and sidewalks leading to your doorway, to creating intimate spaces in your backyard, this addition gives your home endless versatility in presentation and safety.

Imagine sitting on your back patio with friends and family, laughing until the sun sets, and your soft, outdoor lighting begins to glow. Setting the mood for a night of good memories. Or, imagine how safe you will feel leaving work after hours when the parking lot is brightly lit and you can see in every direction.

Aurora Property Pros installs only the highest quality lighting systems with true professionals, with our guarantee of brightening your property and your day.

The correct lighting makes all the difference

Whether you want bright lights to make your well-traveled outdoor areas safe, or subtle lighting to create a romantic atmosphere, count on us to get it right.  Licensed and insured, we  provide professional installation of all types of lighting.

Let us light the way for you

  • Landscape lighting
  • Path lights
  • Spotlights
  • Accent lights
  • Up lighting
  • Low voltage
  • LED

Contact us today and let us brighten your home and property with high quality accent lighting.

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