What Is The Best Sprinkler Controller For Your Landscaping?

Companies specializing in the landscape design are always looking for new ways to spruce up their landscaping. In some cases, this may mean devising new fertilizer programs for lawns. In others, it may be tinkering with the complete landscaping design to facilitate the installation of an irrigation service. 

Recently, a lot of landscaping companies have started to pay attention to sprinkler controllers, and the new product from Rachio is certain to be included in irrigation design plans from complete landscaping companies. 

Rachio manufactures several popular sprinkler controllers. These controllers are cloud-based, and designed to be controlled wherever the user can access a phone and an internet connection. The newest product from Rachio is the PRO sprinkler controller, a product designed with landscape design in mind. 

For the most part, the Rachio sprinkler controller isn’t too different from their past models. Once the system is up and running, the user has full control over the sprinkler system. 

The PRO takes this to the next level, though. It offers a 16-zone model, and the software makes it easier to share control of the system. There is even in-built weather intelligence to ensure that the sprinkler system is only being used when it needs to be used. 

The Rachio system can be fully automated. The software has been designed to grab weather information from the internet. Using recent and future weather information, the sprinkler system will come up with its watering plan for the lawn. This means landscapers need to think less about optimizing their watering system. 

Landscapers that have used the consumer model will feel right at home with the PRO version. There are status updates and LED lights, and the PRO version now includes a waterproof enclosure. This allows the system to be hardwired in, which is vital when you have a pro-level piece of kit. 

When used properly, the Rachio PRO sprinkler controller should be very ‘hands off’. Landscapers that install the PRO for their clients are essentially giving their clients the tools to water their yards with the minimum of effort. It can even help to save water by ensuring that the sprinkler system is only triggered when needed. No more automated watering of already wet lawns! 

The new Rachio PRO makes use of the Rachio 2.5 app, the same app being used for consumer-level products. The features loaded into this system include:

  • Set up custom schedules to deal with the life cycle of the grass. For example, if new seeds have just been planted, Rachio can set up a custom watering plan for that specific section of the yard.
  • Ability to quickly make custom watering schedules.
  • Design watering plans based on the weather. The system can also be used to swap up watering plans depending on the season i.e. less watering is needed during the rainier parts of the year. 

Aurora Property Pros is one of the few landscaping companies currently working with the Rachio PRO sprinkler controller. Not only can Aurora Property Pros help to tackle automatic sprinkler jobs in the yard, but we can also help with any landscaping issue. This includes tree and shrub care, gutter cleaning, lawn fertilizer programs, and pet fence installation and repair!


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